Road To… Piacenza Expo

Piacenza Expo Fairgrounds rise near the Highway exit Piacenza sud, between a context of road junction, highwats and rails in the middle of North Italy..

Three Airports (Milano Linate, Parma e Brescia) are about 10km distant, other five (Milano Malpensa, Verona, Bologna, Genova e Torino) are an hour away approximately.

All these, united with a forefront logistic and transport system, has made Piacenza a real  crossriads for Europe, and it's new fairground a strategic meeting point for visitors and commercial operators.

 How to arrive
Piacenza Expo - Quartiere Fieristico di Piacenza
Fraz. Le Mose, Strada Statale 10 per Cremona, 29100 Piacenza

Lat. 45° 02’ 32’’ N - Long. 09° 45’ 06’’ O

 Radio Taxi  Piacenza (0523-591919)

Autostrada A1, Exit Piacenza Sud
Autostrada A21, Exit Piacenza Sud
By Train: Stazione di Piacenza - Informazioni tel. 848-888088 (


Milano Linate (60 km)

Parma (60 km)

Brescia (80 km)

Milano Malpensa (90 km)

Bergamo (110km)

Verona (140 km)

Genova (150 km)

Bologna (150 km)

Torino (170 km)